Paleo Bird Brine

Using brine is a great way to ensure juicy poultry. Brine is a simple salt-based liquid marinade that helps flavor and juices be absorbed into the meat through osmosis. In less fatty cuts of meat, such as boneless chicken breasts, brining is critical.

This simple Paleo Bird Brine Recipe is great for chicken, but can be used for any type of poultry.

Here is how to make my Paleo Bird Brine.

Paleo Bird Brine
Recipe type: brine, marinade
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Using a brine is a great way to ensure juicy meat while being BBQ’d. This is a simple Paleo Brine specifically for Poultry.
  • 1.5 Cups – Water
  • ¼ Cup – Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 TBSP – Salt
  • ½ TSP – Garlic Powder
  • ¼ TSP – Onion Powder
  • 1 TBSP – Unfiltered Local Honey (Optional)

  1. Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl making sure the salt gets dissolved into the solution. Place poultry into the bowl making sure it is completely covered by the brine. Cover bowl and allow the poultry to marinade for 1 hour in the fridge. Then cook the poultry however the main recipe calls for it to be cooked.

This recipe can be scaled up if you have a lot of poultry you are trying to cover with the brine. It is also possible to place the poultry and brine in a sealable zip-lock bag. Before sealing the bag, work all the air space out of the bag then seal. This will help make sure all the meat is covered with the brine.


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